Wednesday, October 20, 2010


     Sooo, I wore purple today to support the gay men that committed suicides. x__x I saw a bunch of other people were purple too! I even saw some teachers! [[But I did not ask them because, that would be an awkward mistake if it just happened by coincidence]] Anywayss, It’s a sick thing to think about somebody getting bullied so much that they want to take their lives so it all stops. I’m glad there were some many supporters.
    Apparently there is a robber all along Dexter road in a red pick up truck and the man pretends to be the meter man! There are 7 confirmed cases that stuff was stolen. While Kaleigh and me were talking about it on the way home we saw a red pick up truck.. IT WAS SO SCARY. Now I HOPE that was a coincidence. GAH! IM SCARING MY SELF. **Chills run down back**

I hope my house dose not get robbed. o.o 


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