Thursday, October 21, 2010


    I had a mental breakdown in school. Curled up in a little ball in math and started crying because I thought I was stupid and the numbers did not make sense and uhg. I hated today. 
Now I'm home in peace. I feel like crap though. Everyone saw me cry. It was so embarrassing.  :|

   Teachers don't like me.
   I hate some of the people in my classes. -_-
   I suck at math.
   The lunch food is gross.
   I don't learn much even if I try.
   People are way to strict(teachers)
    Mrs. Titsdale(tillMAN) is a racist mofo.
    I get in trouble way too much for stupid shizz.
    I work my ass off everyday and go home and work a little longer.
    The ghetto people always get in fights.
    The teachers pick favorites.
    There is like 1 field trip a year.

Grr, theres more but I got to go.