Monday, October 18, 2010


Needed a mental health day. My head ached. My body ached. And I had bitten the skin around my finger till it bled.
So I guess I will talk about teachers.

1.             Mr. Purcell-I think he's a great teacher but he's a little bipolar. Once he like through a chair at the wall because I was doing something wrong.]: But He still is my favorite teacher when he is in a good mood.[: I HATE              !!!
2.             Mrs. Koknar-The people in that class drive me crazy. So basically Mrs. Koknar thinks I'm very un social. And just like sitting by my self. Sometimes it's nice. I get work done in her class like three days faster than anyone eels. Very easy. I also never listen to her long boring speeches. 
3.             Mrs. Mettz- I’m going to sound crazy but I kind of like math this year. Maybe its because I'm actually learning something... last year I had Mr. Grady and learned NOTHING. I HATE HIM.
4.             Advisory- Me and Aubrey hang out while Shayla run's around getting the whole class in trouble|:
5.             Mr. Christensen- IS NOT A CREEPY TEACHER. K? He helps me allot with math. And Mira's in that class, FUN.
6.             Mr. Pierce- I got a v.o.e in his class for eating a leaf. Enough said.

7.         Mr. Lincourt- HATES MY GUTS.



  1. bahahhhaa[: this was really funny. is it okay if i do one of these also?

  2. yeah no prob!! I did not come up with this. Trust me silly!(: Go rite ahead. now thankyou!