Tuesday, October 19, 2010


    Grr, so I’m grounded for a week.. To many v.o.e's . UHG. Last year I hardly EVER...NEVER, once got a referral. But, v.o.e's are so easy to get. I hate how my parents only punish me because the teacher told them to.. They don't even give a crap they are just trying to be "parently." AAHHHHHHHHH, I wanna kill someone. *punches pillow* <---Anger management issues. SORRY. Hahah, I guess I kinda use this blog to blow steam.. that’s not really what it's for is it? 
    Well back on topic, I get no Facebook (shhh), Computer, Friends, or afterschool activities for a week. Great rite? Well don't tell my parents I'm on the computer.. They aren’t home. :3 Soooo, I geuss other than that school life has been ok. My friend and me had been not talking.. She came back today. Yay(: I love that feeling. Well, Bizzy and me are skyping and she's telling me to stop soo, GOT TO GOO. <3 you guys[:


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