Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last Night! :O

    So last night was kinda ah-may-zing!! Me Hannah, Maria, Julia and Andrew went to this haunted house place called Wiard's.. SCARIEST PLACE EVER. So in the beginning I was all like "ok this will not be scary at all:|" then at the end I was bawling my eyes out! It was crazy hype! Anyways after that we chilled at Andrews then went back to Maria's place and passed out on the sofa. Fun rite?
    We made friends with some 30 year olds[; we went in all 6 haunted houses with them. They were ah-may-ing! Chocolate Monkey's Unite! Yeah.. we went in all of these ^ mind shaft was the creepiest.. last year a girl had a seizer in it.. and Andrew had to get escorted out of it. Creepy rite? Then this lady in the Asylum would not stop asking me to play with her. I have horrible mental pictures in my mind now:\


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