Monday, October 25, 2010

25 things that happend today(:

  1. Got up at 5:30.
  2. Took shower.
  3. Washed face.
  4. Did makeup.
  5. Did hair.
  6. Picked out outfit.
  7. Ate breakfast.
  8. Brushed teethe.
  9. Took Meds..
  11. Walked to bus stop with Kalighe.
  12. Sat on the buss.
  13. Fell asleep on the bus.
  14. Woke up to the lady almost driving away with me in the back seat.
  15. Went in the school.
  16. First hour was fun.
  17. Secound hour I finished h.w. and extra credit[;
  18. Third hour we learned cross multiplacation.
  19. Ate lunch in lunch detetion quietly in the corner while the gehtto lady stared at me.
  20. 6th hor was blah.
  21. 7th hour was blah.
  22. Went home.
  23. Did 50 point lit log.
  24. Aubrey picked me up so we could go to kmart.
  25. Brushed teethe washed face and now sitting here writing my blog. 

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