Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumkin Carving..

So cute and small rightt? <3
yes, this is the bathroom sink BUT, oh well!

     I freaking love FALL. First of all you get to carve pumpkins, go to costume parties, haunted house trick-or-treating and so much more! Sad thing is thought that I have an orthodontist appointment the DAY after Halloween!! :O Not good! After eating all that candy my teeth will be rotten. Not a pretty site 4 Dr. Kim]: 
    Anyways, fall is me second favorite season because DUHH summer obviously first. Anyways, my moms going to be pissed. I used one of her cute little pumpkins that she set up on the table and carved it.. Made a huge mess and used up like 200 candles. Oh well it’s so cute! 

Yeah, well I'm gonna read the new teen vouge(: kbye! 

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