Monday, October 25, 2010

25 things that happend today(:

  1. Got up at 5:30.
  2. Took shower.
  3. Washed face.
  4. Did makeup.
  5. Did hair.
  6. Picked out outfit.
  7. Ate breakfast.
  8. Brushed teethe.
  9. Took Meds..
  11. Walked to bus stop with Kalighe.
  12. Sat on the buss.
  13. Fell asleep on the bus.
  14. Woke up to the lady almost driving away with me in the back seat.
  15. Went in the school.
  16. First hour was fun.
  17. Secound hour I finished h.w. and extra credit[;
  18. Third hour we learned cross multiplacation.
  19. Ate lunch in lunch detetion quietly in the corner while the gehtto lady stared at me.
  20. 6th hor was blah.
  21. 7th hour was blah.
  22. Went home.
  23. Did 50 point lit log.
  24. Aubrey picked me up so we could go to kmart.
  25. Brushed teethe washed face and now sitting here writing my blog. 

Friday, October 22, 2010


Is love an illusion? 
Is life just a bad dream? 
Are mistakes just little things that intervene? 
Is school just a place for drama and hate?
Are teachers just people who write on boards? 
Are parents just people who try to except that there childs not perfect? 


*i saw this as zoe ashes status and i was like"wow thats a good quotes so i'm using it and giving her credit here"*


Thursday, October 21, 2010


    I had a mental breakdown in school. Curled up in a little ball in math and started crying because I thought I was stupid and the numbers did not make sense and uhg. I hated today. 
Now I'm home in peace. I feel like crap though. Everyone saw me cry. It was so embarrassing.  :|

   Teachers don't like me.
   I hate some of the people in my classes. -_-
   I suck at math.
   The lunch food is gross.
   I don't learn much even if I try.
   People are way to strict(teachers)
    Mrs. Titsdale(tillMAN) is a racist mofo.
    I get in trouble way too much for stupid shizz.
    I work my ass off everyday and go home and work a little longer.
    The ghetto people always get in fights.
    The teachers pick favorites.
    There is like 1 field trip a year.

Grr, theres more but I got to go.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


     Sooo, I wore purple today to support the gay men that committed suicides. x__x I saw a bunch of other people were purple too! I even saw some teachers! [[But I did not ask them because, that would be an awkward mistake if it just happened by coincidence]] Anywayss, It’s a sick thing to think about somebody getting bullied so much that they want to take their lives so it all stops. I’m glad there were some many supporters.
    Apparently there is a robber all along Dexter road in a red pick up truck and the man pretends to be the meter man! There are 7 confirmed cases that stuff was stolen. While Kaleigh and me were talking about it on the way home we saw a red pick up truck.. IT WAS SO SCARY. Now I HOPE that was a coincidence. GAH! IM SCARING MY SELF. **Chills run down back**

I hope my house dose not get robbed. o.o 


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumkin Carving..

So cute and small rightt? <3
yes, this is the bathroom sink BUT, oh well!

     I freaking love FALL. First of all you get to carve pumpkins, go to costume parties, haunted house trick-or-treating and so much more! Sad thing is thought that I have an orthodontist appointment the DAY after Halloween!! :O Not good! After eating all that candy my teeth will be rotten. Not a pretty site 4 Dr. Kim]: 
    Anyways, fall is me second favorite season because DUHH summer obviously first. Anyways, my moms going to be pissed. I used one of her cute little pumpkins that she set up on the table and carved it.. Made a huge mess and used up like 200 candles. Oh well it’s so cute! 

Yeah, well I'm gonna read the new teen vouge(: kbye! 


    Grr, so I’m grounded for a week.. To many v.o.e's . UHG. Last year I hardly EVER...NEVER, once got a referral. But, v.o.e's are so easy to get. I hate how my parents only punish me because the teacher told them to.. They don't even give a crap they are just trying to be "parently." AAHHHHHHHHH, I wanna kill someone. *punches pillow* <---Anger management issues. SORRY. Hahah, I guess I kinda use this blog to blow steam.. that’s not really what it's for is it? 
    Well back on topic, I get no Facebook (shhh), Computer, Friends, or afterschool activities for a week. Great rite? Well don't tell my parents I'm on the computer.. They aren’t home. :3 Soooo, I geuss other than that school life has been ok. My friend and me had been not talking.. She came back today. Yay(: I love that feeling. Well, Bizzy and me are skyping and she's telling me to stop soo, GOT TO GOO. <3 you guys[:


Monday, October 18, 2010


    I know you don't like me I'm not retarded. But could pleasee act a little less obvious around me? I'm starting to predict whats going to happen with us. Just remeber, If i did this to you you proably would have gotten EVERYONE involed. Im just so sick of you. Like you never did anything for me.

When I say I LOVE YOU.
I really mean I HATE YOUR GUTS UGLY MOTHER *UCKER!!(&*^&#%^#!! ) 


So she's gone now.

     My friend Morgan left for England today. I just got to know her last year. She was such a cool cat(: BUT NOW SHE'S GONE. Aghh, I went to her going away party on Saturday.. I learned how to long board :3 I'm very pleased with my self. Anyways.. I'm gonna miss her so so so so so so so so so much. She better "write me" or whatever that say in England. HAVE FUN EATING THOSE CRUMPETS GIRLY<3 I'll miss you k? 


I love my best friend(:
Mrs. Aubrey Neumann


Needed a mental health day. My head ached. My body ached. And I had bitten the skin around my finger till it bled.
So I guess I will talk about teachers.

1.             Mr. Purcell-I think he's a great teacher but he's a little bipolar. Once he like through a chair at the wall because I was doing something wrong.]: But He still is my favorite teacher when he is in a good mood.[: I HATE              !!!
2.             Mrs. Koknar-The people in that class drive me crazy. So basically Mrs. Koknar thinks I'm very un social. And just like sitting by my self. Sometimes it's nice. I get work done in her class like three days faster than anyone eels. Very easy. I also never listen to her long boring speeches. 
3.             Mrs. Mettz- I’m going to sound crazy but I kind of like math this year. Maybe its because I'm actually learning something... last year I had Mr. Grady and learned NOTHING. I HATE HIM.
4.             Advisory- Me and Aubrey hang out while Shayla run's around getting the whole class in trouble|:
5.             Mr. Christensen- IS NOT A CREEPY TEACHER. K? He helps me allot with math. And Mira's in that class, FUN.
6.             Mr. Pierce- I got a v.o.e in his class for eating a leaf. Enough said.

7.         Mr. Lincourt- HATES MY GUTS.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last Night! :O

    So last night was kinda ah-may-zing!! Me Hannah, Maria, Julia and Andrew went to this haunted house place called Wiard's.. SCARIEST PLACE EVER. So in the beginning I was all like "ok this will not be scary at all:|" then at the end I was bawling my eyes out! It was crazy hype! Anyways after that we chilled at Andrews then went back to Maria's place and passed out on the sofa. Fun rite?
    We made friends with some 30 year olds[; we went in all 6 haunted houses with them. They were ah-may-ing! Chocolate Monkey's Unite! Yeah.. we went in all of these ^ mind shaft was the creepiest.. last year a girl had a seizer in it.. and Andrew had to get escorted out of it. Creepy rite? Then this lady in the Asylum would not stop asking me to play with her. I have horrible mental pictures in my mind now:\


Firsty's; Operation Beautiful Unite!