Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chillen By The Fire with My Pillow Pet.

Some people were asking me to do a blog about what I got for Christmas, but I just want to make it clear that I am not bragging, and I am acutely really thankful about all the stuff I got for Christmas so I'm going to thank everybody first. Parentles, thank you for the amazing Christmas and I loved the gifts, Thank you aunt Linda for the money, Thank you grandma for the card and I understand<3.. And Thank you Kaleighe for the clothes<3 and thank you everybody that wished me merry Christmas! ;3
Soo here's the list:
            Pillow Pet! (It’s a pillow it’s a pet it’s a pillow-pet!)
            Fuzzy Blanket<3
            Manicure Kit
            Skull Candy Head phones.
            CREDIT CARD!!
            Free Mani and Pedi from my Mom's friend<3
            Aveda Spa and Salon Gift Card. 
            Cute Leopard print Cardigan
            Tank tops.
            Dress Clothes (for church the next day:P)
            Wii Fit Games, lmao.
            Christmas Sock (it's a tradition)
•            Subscription to Glamour and Vogue Magazine<3
            Work out Clothes.
            New yoga mat...(my rabbit chewed on my old one) 

•            Juciy Coutur Jacket<3

That's about it. Thank you for making this Christmas Memorable<3 


Merry Happy Chrismahannukwanzaka!!

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